Retire Rich with Your Roth IRA Roth 401 k and Roth 403 b

Retire Rich with Your Roth IRA  Roth 401 k   and Roth 403 b Author Martha Maeda
ISBN-10 9781601383211
Release 2011
Pages 336
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When the Roth IRA was introduced in the 1990s, it was widely hailed as a great way for individuals to increase their retirement holdings by paying the taxes before the money was invested into their IRA accounts. Today, the Roth family of retirement options is a still-popular method for putting away money for your future without worrying about paying taxes on your money more than once. But for your Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) to effectively grow and provide for you when you reach retirement, you must understand how to manage your investments and fully take advantage of this lucrative method of saving. This book is written for the everyday investor who has a Roth IRA and desires more knowledge, as well as for the individual seriously considering opening a Roth account. Those who want to put money away so they can retire with enough to be well-protected and prepared for anything can benefit from the extensive research on these investments and the helpful case studies distributed throughout this book. You will learn why the federal government enacted the new Roth rules in the mid-1990s, what the pros and cons of each of your Roth options are, and all the various ways you can further invest your money --- from stocks and real estate to bonds and mutual funds. With this guide, learn the fundamental basics of investing in an IRA and how to start making wise investment choices, from researching companies and funds to settling into a long-term investment. Top financial experts who specialize in Roth IRAs were consulted, and their expertise is compiled here to provide you with the information you need to learn how to effectively invest in your retirement accounts. Whether you are 21 or 65, this book can help you maximize the results of your Roth accounts and teach you tricks and tips for getting the most out of your investment.

Herausforderungen im Vertriebsmanagement

Herausforderungen im Vertriebsmanagement Author J?rgen Weber
ISBN-10 9783527666553
Release 2012-11-26
Pages 101
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Der Vertrieb ist eine der wichtigsten Funktionen im Unternehmen. Ein zunehmend komplexes Marktumfeld mit steigender Transparenz und immer anspruchsvolleren Kunden stellen das Vertriebsmanagement vor schwierige Herausforderungen. Zugleich fordert die Unternehmensf?hrung immer mehr Produktivit?t und Effizienz. F?r Controller ergeben sich daraus neue Handlungsfelder. Sie k?nnen mehr noch als bisher das Management proaktiv begleiten und unterst?tzen. Der vorliegende Band liefert dazu einige Ans?tze. Ausgehend von den Aufgaben des Vertriebsmanagements werden die wesentlichen Probleme genannt, mit denen sich Vertriebsmanager h?ufig konfrontiert sehen. Eine empirische Erhebung gibt Auskunft dar?ber, in welchem Ma?e sie bisher von den Controllern profitieren. Die Autoren zeigen zudem, an welchen Stellen eine st?rkere F?hrungsunterst?tzung sinnvoll w?re und welche besondere Rolle Controller dabei spielen k?nnen.