Ordinary People

Ordinary People Author Judith Guest
ISBN-10 0140065172
Release 1982-01-01
Pages 263
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Ordinary People Everyday Champions

Ordinary People   Everyday Champions Author Wally Ninneman
ISBN-10 1449043070
Release 2009-11-19
Pages 180
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ORDINARY PEOPLE - EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS PEOPLE NEED A CHAMPION TODAY MORE THAN EVER The world around you needs a champion. Your family, your city, your village or town needs a champion. YOU ARE THAT CHAMPION If not you, then who? If not now, then when? If not where you are, then where? Over the next twenty-eight days, as you go through the journey of ORDINARY PEOPLE – EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS, your life will be transformed as you unlock and learn how to release the traits of a champion that are already in you. Using the example of David as he faced Goliath, you will discover the traits of a champion and how to incorporate them you’re your everyday life. Not only will you learn how to turn defeat into victory in your own life, you will be equipped with simple but ageless and life transforming principles. These principles will enable you to be a champion to those around you and to those who God will bring into your life. TODAY, take a giant leap to fulfilling God’s destiny for your life. Make an investment into yourself and plant the life giving message of ORDINARY PEOPLE – EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS into your heart. You will never be the same-your life will be changed FOREVER!

An Army of Ordinary People

An Army of Ordinary People Author Felicity Dale
ISBN-10 1414347006
Release 2010-06-24
Pages 304
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An Army of Ordinary People contains the key to explosive, transformational, 21st century evangelism. Renowned church planter Felicity Dale shares stories of how God has always used—and is still using—ordinary believers to carry out his work in simple ways throughout the world. Some of these stories are dramatic—people being led to the Lord by the friends who counseled them through drug addictions and criminal pasts. Some are everyday—a dad spending his Sunday teaching Bible lessons to his kids, or a couple inviting their neighbors over to dinner and a spiritual discussion. But in each of them, there is a light bulb moment, when someone just like you thinks I can do that! And as a result, the gospel is spreading . . . and lives are being changed.

Ordinary People

Ordinary People Author Fatma Durmush
ISBN-10 9781847478030
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 121
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DescriptionComing soon About the AuthorFatma Durmush has had schizophrenia for thirty odd years and after living with that amount of mental health problems she when she reached forty decided she would begin studying in good earnest. So she did an GNVQ and then foundation in art and then a degree and this year she has finished her MA in fine art. When her father became seriously ill she had to make a choice was it to be giving up the BA or doing the BA? In the end her father decided for her and he was gone but Fatma always said it was a thing that she could not decide for she loved them both.

Ordinary People

Ordinary People Author Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
ISBN-10 9781471109676
Release 2012-12-25
Pages 352
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So you think you know the Osbournes? Think again. Here is the real story of the real people. Sharon and Ozzy tell us about their early careers, their relationship and how they became one of rock and roll's most enduring and much-loved couples. Here you will find the music, the drugs, the booze, the domestic violence and the excesses of rock stardom. But you will also find an incredibly moving picture of a family surviving in the midst of a media maelstrom. Having grown up and become famous in their own right, Aimee, Kelly and Jack reflect upon their parents' relationship, their household of extremes and what is was like growing up with the Prince of Darkness. But through all of the family traumas - Ozzy's multiple addictions, Sharon's cancer, Aimee's despair, Kelly's tantrums and Jack's drug abuse - the family have stuck together. This is a book for Ozzy fans, but also for all those interested in the music industry and in the story of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

The Extraordinary Sayings of Ordinary People

The Extraordinary Sayings of Ordinary People Author James Labrador
ISBN-10 9781412010238
Release 2003
Pages 102
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This book is a compilation of sayings. Not old and revered sayings from historical characters, but rather ordinary people from all walks of life and nationalities. Its contents are the result of a self-conceived project, in which people were approached by the author during a twelve year period and were asked to create, by using their mental acumen and lifetime experience, an entirely new saying of their own. The premise upon which the project was based was the following: Must a saying attain immortality only because it was uttered by a famous character? Isn't the ordinary human being capable of formulating truly quotable thoughts if sufficiently and properly motivated? Utilizing as base of operations his home-city of Victoria, Canada the author began approaching totally unknown individuals from the world over and proposed the idea to them. People from different nationalities, occupations and age groups were asked to participate in the project in a voluntary way by submitting a thought, an insight, a perceived truth, which would have sufficient intellectual weight to be considered as a quotable saying that could help to enrich world culture. The only condition being, their contribution had to be totally new and orginal. During the duration of the project, the author received nearly a thousand replies, two hundred of which were chosen to appear in this book. Those chosen were selected by their ingenuity and overall appeal. Concurrently, the author invested a considerable amount of effort trying to verify that the sayings received were not a case of plagiarism and were truly authentic. The results speak for themselves and the author leaves on the hands of the readers the final word regarding the entertaining value of the book.

Watching YouTube

Watching YouTube Author Michael Strangelove
ISBN-10 9781442641457
Release 2010
Pages 265
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Michael Strangelove provides a broad overview of the world of amateur online videos and the people who make them. He describes how online digital video is both similar to and different from traditional home-movie-making and argues that we are moving into a post-television era characterized by mass participation. --from publisher description.

A Prehistory of Ordinary People

A Prehistory of Ordinary People Author Monica L. Smith
ISBN-10 0816526958
Release 2010
Pages 220
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For the past million years, individuals have engaged in multitasking as they interact with the surrounding environment and with each other for the acquisition of daily necessities such as food and goods. Although culture is often perceived as a collective process, it is individual people who use language, experience illness, expend energy, perceive landscapes, and create memories. These processes were sustained at the individual and household level from the time of the earliest social groups to the beginnings of settled agricultural communities and the eventual development of complex societies in the form of chiefdoms, states, and empires. Even after the advent of ÒcivilizationÓ about 6,000 years ago, human culture has for the most part been created and maintained not by the actions of elitesÑas is commonly proclaimed by many archaeological theoristsÑbut by the many thousands of daily actions carried out by average citizens. With this book, Monica L. Smith examines how the archaeological record of ordinary objectsÑused by ordinary peopleÑconstitutes a manifestation of humankindÕs cognitive and social development. A Prehistory of Ordinary People offers an impressive synthesis and accessible style that will appeal to archaeologists, cultural anthropologists, and others interested in the long history of human decision-making.

Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil

Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil Author Fred Emil Katz
ISBN-10 1438408498
Release 2010-03-31
Pages 168
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What is it in the behavioral makeup of ordinary people, operating in the course of ordinary daily living, that lends itself to participating in horrendous activities — and doing so at times with zeal, at times with joy, at times without duress? Katz demonstrates that we do not need any special behavioral equipment for doing evil. The very same behaviors can take us in both directions for either living humanely and decently or for doing evil. This book demonstrates how some of these processes work, and sensitizes us to the potential for evil in our ongoing daily activities. This knowledge about ordinary behavior can empower us to take charge of our own direction, and help us turn away from beguilings of evil when they come our way.

Extraordinary Ordinary People

Extraordinary  Ordinary People Author Condoleezza Rice
ISBN-10 030771960X
Release 2010-10-12
Pages 368
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This is the story of Condoleezza Rice that has never been told, not that of an ultra-accomplished world leader, but of a little girl--and a young woman--trying to find her place in a sometimes hostile world, of two exceptional parents, and an extended family and community that made all the difference. Condoleezza Rice has excelled as a diplomat, political scientist, and concert pianist. Her achievements run the gamut from helping to oversee the collapse of communism in Europe and the decline of the Soviet Union, to working to protect the country in the aftermath of 9-11, to becoming only the second woman--and the first black woman ever--to serve as Secretary of State. But until she was 25 she never learned to swim, because when she was a little girl in Birmingham, Alabama, Commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor decided he'd rather shut down the city's pools than give black citizens access. Throughout the 1950's, Birmingham's black middle class largely succeeded in insulating their children from the most corrosive effects of racism, providing multiple support systems to ensure the next generation would live better than the last. But by 1963, Birmingham had become an environment where blacks were expected to keep their head down and do what they were told--or face violent consequences. That spring two bombs exploded in Rice’s neighborhood amid a series of chilling Klu Klux Klan attacks. Months later, four young girls lost their lives in a particularly vicious bombing. So how was Rice able to achieve what she ultimately did? Her father, John, a minister and educator, instilled a love of sports and politics. Her mother, a teacher, developed Condoleezza’s passion for piano and exposed her to the fine arts. From both, Rice learned the value of faith in the face of hardship and the importance of giving back to the community. Her parents’ fierce unwillingness to set limits propelled her to the venerable halls of Stanford University, where she quickly rose through the ranks to become the university’s second-in-command. An expert in Soviet and Eastern European Affairs, she played a leading role in U.S. policy as the Iron Curtain fell and the Soviet Union disintegrated. Less than a decade later, at the apex of the hotly contested 2000 presidential election, she received the exciting news--just shortly before her father’s death--that she would go on to the White House as the first female National Security Advisor. As comfortable describing lighthearted family moments as she is recalling the poignancy of her mother’s cancer battle and the heady challenge of going toe-to-toe with Soviet leaders, Rice holds nothing back in this remarkably candid telling.

Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics

Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics Author Marsha Sinetar
ISBN-10 0809142848
Release 2007
Pages 183
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"An organizational psychologist looks at the stories of ordinary people who choose a solitary lifestyle to find wholeness and self actualization."--Publisher description.

52 Weeks of Ordinary People Extraordinary God

52 Weeks of Ordinary People   Extraordinary God Author Jody Neufeld
ISBN-10 9781893729247
Release 2005-03
Pages 68
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A retired nurse who began a ministry with her husband Henry, a biblical teacher, shares from her heart ordinary moments with an extraordinary God. This weekly devotion book is made up of 52 devotions with questions or suggestions for discussion that will work well with small groups.

Making an Extraordinary School

Making an Extraordinary School Author Len Solo
ISBN-10 160813606X
Release 2010-01
Pages 200
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Offers an enlightened and enlightening alternative to what so many today must experience and endure in schools.

Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives

Ordinary People  Extraordinary Lives Author Goody Niosi
ISBN-10 1894384520
Release 2002
Pages 286
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Though each person in this book regards him/herself as ordinary, Goody Niosi reveals exactly how their lives have been exemplary. In sharing these people's stories and dreams, Niosi provides an inspirational reminder that we all have the ability to find our dream, stay true to it and live it. The Order of British Columbia was established in 1989 to recognise and honour ordinary citizens who have made a difference in the lives of others. Goody Niosi offers the stories of seventeen of these recipients.

Ordinary People Extraordinary Faith

Ordinary People  Extraordinary Faith Author Joni Eareckson Tada
ISBN-10 9781418568108
Release 2004-09-15
Pages 224
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In spite of a diving accident that has left her paralyzed for more than thirty years, Joni Eareckson Tada has been able to build a life of faith and purpose. The peace she has found as she confronts the painful realities of life as a quadriplegic has made her a hero to many people. In Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith, Joni lets us know who her heroes are. Inside she tells the stories of people who inspire her with their faith and courage. Although Joni has met many famous "heroes of the faith" through her ministry, the lives she shares here are not the Billy Grahams of the world. They are a mother, a housewife, a nursing home resident, a child. Some are missionaries or pastors; others are bank tellers or data entry clerks. All of these people have touched Joni's life and the lives of others as they found their faith rise to the occasion – to forgive an assailant, to find strength despite the debilitating effects of cerebral palsy, to choose love in the face of racial prejudice, and to discover in the midst of questioning that God Himself is the answer to all questions.

The Writing Culture of Ordinary People in Europe C 1860 1920

The Writing Culture of Ordinary People in Europe  C 1860 1920 Author Martyn Lyons
ISBN-10 9781107018891
Release 2013
Pages 278
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A fascinating account of how ordinary people met the challenges of literacy in modern Europe, as distances between people increased.

Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil

Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil Author Fred E. Katz
ISBN-10 0791414426
Release 1993-07-01
Pages 154
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Posits that our most ordinary behavior can lead us to participate in the most horrendous acts, perhaps even with zeal and joy, but certainly without remorse. Using the Holocaust as the pivotal example, examines the lives of the head of Auschwitz and a physician there, then the life of an exemplary physician to show the similarity; an American officer in Vietnam is also examined. Paper edition (unseen), $12.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR