Marriage a History

Marriage  a History Author Stephanie Coontz
ISBN-10 9781101118252
Release 2006-02-28
Pages 448
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Just when the clamor over "traditional" marriage couldn’t get any louder, along comes this groundbreaking book to ask, "What tradition?" In Marriage, a History, historian and marriage expert Stephanie Coontz takes readers from the marital intrigues of ancient Babylon to the torments of Victorian lovers to demonstrate how recent the idea of marrying for love is—and how absurd it would have seemed to most of our ancestors. It was when marriage moved into the emotional sphere in the nineteenth century, she argues, that it suffered as an institution just as it began to thrive as a personal relationship. This enlightening and hugely entertaining book brings intelligence, perspective, and wit to today’s marital debate.


Ehe Author Timothy J. Keller
ISBN-10 3765513059
Release 2013-03
Pages 288
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Ehe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ehe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ehe book for free.

Fremd fischen

Fremd fischen Author Emily Giffin
ISBN-10 9783641103712
Release 2013-02-11
Pages 448
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Sie ist verliebt, er ist verlobt – mit ihrer besten Freundin Rachel und Darcy sind beste Freundinnen und teilen sich alles – fast alles ... Denn als Rachel an ihrem dreißigsten Geburtstag nach einem Drink zu viel mit ihrem Traummann – und Darcys Verlobtem – Dex im Bett landet, muss sie sich entscheiden: Will sie eine wirklich gute Freundin sein oder um die wahre Liebe kämpfen?

Looking for Love in the Legal Discourse of Marriage

Looking for Love in the Legal Discourse of Marriage Author Renata Grossi
ISBN-10 9781925021820
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 174
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This book examines the (in)visibility of romantic love in the legal discourse surrounding modern Australian marriage. It looks at how romantic love has become a core part of modernity, and a dominant part of the Western marriage discourse, and considers how the ideologies of romantic love are (or are not) replicated in the legal meaning of marriage. This examination raises two key issues. If love has become central to people’s understanding of marriage, then it is important for the legitimacy of law that love is reflected in both the content and application of the law. More fundamentally, it requires us to reconsider how we understand law, and to ask whether it is engaged with emotions, or separate from them. Along the way this book also considers the meaning of love itself in contemporary society, and asks whether love is a radical force capable of breaking down conservative meanings embedded in institutions like marriage, or whether it simply mirrors them. This book will be of interest to everyone working on love, marriage and sexuality in the disciplines of law, sociology and philosophy.

One Family Under God

One Family Under God Author Anna M. Lawrence
ISBN-10 9780812204179
Release 2011-05-05
Pages 296
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Originally a sect within the Anglican church, Methodism blossomed into a dominant mainstream religion in America during the nineteenth century. At the beginning, though, Methodists constituted a dissenting religious group whose ideas about sexuality, marriage, and family were very different from those of their contemporaries. Focusing on the Methodist notion of family that cut across biological ties, One Family Under God speaks to historical debates over the meaning of family and how the nuclear family model developed over the eighteenth century. Historian Anna M. Lawrence demonstrates that Methodists adopted flexible definitions of affection and allegiance and emphasized extended communal associations that enabled them to incorporate people outside the traditional boundaries of family. They used the language of romantic, ecstatic love to describe their religious feelings and the language of the nuclear family to describe their bonds to one another. In this way, early Methodism provides a useful lens for exploring eighteenth-century modes of family, love, and authority, as Methodists grappled with the limits of familial and social authority in their extended religious family. Methodists also married and formed conjugal families within this larger spiritual framework. Evangelical modes of marriage called for careful, slow courtships, and often marriages happened later in life and produced fewer children. Religious views of the family offered alternatives to traditional coupling and marriage—through celibacy, spiritual service, and the idea of finding one's true spiritual match, which both challenged the role of parental authority within marriage-making and accelerated the turn within the larger society toward romantic marriage. By examining the language and practice of evangelical sexuality and family, One Family Under God highlights how the Methodist movement in the eighteenth century was central to the rise of romantic marriage and the formation of the modern family.


Jungen Author William S. Pollack
ISBN-10 3407228376
Release 2001
Pages 479
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Jungen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Jungen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Jungen book for free.

Is Marriage for White People

Is Marriage for White People Author Ralph Richard Banks
ISBN-10 9781101475645
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 304
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A distinguished Stanford law professor examines the steep decline in marriage rates among the African American middle class, and offers a paradoxical-nearly incendiary-solution. Black women are three times as likely as white women to never marry. That sobering statistic reflects a broader reality: African Americans are the most unmarried people in our nation, and contrary to public perception the racial gap in marriage is not confined to women or the poor. Black men, particularly the most successful and affluent, are less likely to marry than their white counterparts. College educated black women are twice as likely as their white peers never to marry. Is Marriage for White People? is the first book to illuminate the many facets of the African American marriage decline and its implications for American society. The book explains the social and economic forces that have undermined marriage for African Americans and that shape everyone's lives. It distills the best available research to trace the black marriage decline's far reaching consequences, including the disproportionate likelihood of abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, single parenthood, same sex relationships, polygamous relationships, and celibacy among black women. This book centers on the experiences not of men or of the poor but of those black women who have surged ahead, even as black men have fallen behind. Theirs is a story that has not been told. Empirical evidence documents its social significance, but its meaning emerges through stories drawn from the lives of women across the nation. Is Marriage for White People? frames the stark predicament that millions of black women now face: marry down or marry out. At the core of the inquiry is a paradox substantiated by evidence and experience alike: If more black women married white men, then more black men and women would marry each other. This book not only sits at the intersection of two large and well- established markets-race and marriage-it responds to yearnings that are widespread and deep in American society. The African American marriage decline is a secret in plain view about which people want to know more, intertwining as it does two of the most vexing issues in contemporary society. The fact that the most prominent family in our nation is now an African American couple only intensifies the interest, and the market. A book that entertains as it informs, Is Marriage for White People? will be the definitive guide to one of the most monumental social developments of the past half century.

Marriage Law and Modernity

Marriage  Law and Modernity Author Julia Moses
ISBN-10 9781474276122
Release 2017-11-16
Pages 288
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Marriage, Law and Modernity offers a global perspective on the modern history of marriage. Widespread recent debate has focused on the changing nature of families, characterized by both the rise of unmarried cohabitation and the legalization of same-sex marriage. However, historical understanding of these developments remains limited. How has marriage come to be the target of national legislation? Are recent policies on same-sex marriage part of a broader transformation? And, has marriage come to be similar across the globe despite claims about national, cultural and religious difference? This collection brings together scholars from across the world in order to offer a global perspective on the history of marriage. It unites legal, political and social history, and seeks to draw out commonalities and differences by exploring connections through empire, international law and international migration.

The Oxford Handbook of Theology Sexuality and Gender

The Oxford Handbook of Theology  Sexuality  and Gender Author Adrian Thatcher
ISBN-10 9780191641107
Release 2014-11-13
Pages 768
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The Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality, and Gender presents an unrivalled overview of the theological study of sexuality and gender. Not merely contentious and pervasive topics, sexuality and gender have escalated in importance within theology. Theologians increasingly agree that even the very doctrine of God cannot be contemplated without a prior grappling with each. Featuring 41 newly-commissioned essays, written by the foremost scholars in the discipline, this authoritative collection presents and develops the latest thinking in the area. Divided into eight thematic sections, the Handbook explores key methodological approaches, concepts, and issues, as well as current controversies within various denominations. Selected essays draw on reason as a distinct source of theology, discussing evolutionary biology and behavioural genetics, psychology, anthropological research, philosophical research, and queer theory. It examines the history of in theologies of sexuality and gender, with close analysis of the Bible and the Christian tradition. The final section considers theology in relation to different expressions of sexual identities. This volume is an essential reference for students and scholars, which will also stimulate further research.

Same Sex Marriage and Children

Same Sex Marriage and Children Author Carlos A. Ball
ISBN-10 9780199977895
Release 2014-05-27
Pages 216
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Same-Sex Marriage and Children is the first book to bring together historical, social science, and legal considerations to comprehensively respond to the objections to same-sex marriage that are based on the need to promote so-called "responsible procreation" and child welfare. Carlos A. Ball places the current marriage debates within a broader historical context by exploring how the procreative and child welfare claims used to try to deny same-sex couples the opportunity to marry are similar to earlier arguments used to defend interracial marriage bans, laws prohibiting disabled individuals from marrying, and the differential treatment of children born out of wedlock. Ball also draws a link between welfare reform and same-sex marriage bans by explaining how conservative proponents have defended both based on the need for the government to promote responsible procreation among heterosexuals. In addition, Ball examines the social science studies relied on by opponents of same-sex marriage and explains in a highly engaging and accessible way why they do not support the contention that biological status and parental gender matter when it comes to parenting. He also explores the relevance of the social science studies on the children of lesbians and gay men to the question of whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. In doing so, the book looks closely at the gay marriage cases that reached the Supreme Court and explains why the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans could not be defended on the basis that maintaining marriage as an exclusively heterosexual institution promoted the best interests of children. Same-Sex Marriage and Children will help lawyers, law professors, judges, legislators, social and political scientists, historians, and child welfare officials-as well as general readers interested in matters related to marriage and families-understand the empirical and legal issues behind the intersection of same-sex marriage and children's welfare.

Don t Roll Your Eyes

Don t Roll Your Eyes Author Ruth Nemzoff
ISBN-10 9781137039279
Release 2012-09-04
Pages 256
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More than two million couples wed every year in the United States, bringing together a whole new family unit. The extended family may now include a hard to please mother-in-law who criticizes her daughter-in-law's childrearing; or a patriarchal father-in-law who expects all the kin round the dinner table every Sunday; or a new spouse, who a year or decade out, still gets shellshock visiting the in-laws. If that wasn't cause enough for a stiff drink, more than a million couples divorce each year, creating hard to define family structures. How do families handle the inevitable friction and how do they make sense of evolving family relationships? Ruth Nemzoff, an expert in family dynamics, empowers family members across the generations to define and create lasting bonds, including how to: *Welcome a new in-law from a different culture and religion into your family. *Not let differences of politics or philosophy impact quality time with the extended family. *Respond to major life changes in an in-law's life, including financial crises, illnesses, or career changes. *Retain warm connections with in-laws even amidst divorce and remarriage. This is a must read for anyone dealing with a difficult in-law as well as anyone who will soon be welcoming a new member to their family.

Der Liebes und Ehediskurs vom hohen Mittelalter bis zum fr hen 17 Jahrhundert

Der Liebes  und Ehediskurs vom hohen Mittelalter bis zum fr  hen 17  Jahrhundert Author Albrecht Classen
ISBN-10 3830963785
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Der Liebes und Ehediskurs vom hohen Mittelalter bis zum fr hen 17 Jahrhundert has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Der Liebes und Ehediskurs vom hohen Mittelalter bis zum fr hen 17 Jahrhundert also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Der Liebes und Ehediskurs vom hohen Mittelalter bis zum fr hen 17 Jahrhundert book for free.

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Practical Theology

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Practical Theology Author Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore
ISBN-10 9781444345728
Release 2011-09-23
Pages 640
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Through a series of essays contributed by leading experts in the field, The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Practical Theology presents an introduction to practical theology as a major area of Christian study and practice, including an overview of its key developments, themes, methods, and future directions. The first comprehensive reference work to provide a survey, description and analysis of practical theology as an area of study A range of leading scholars in the field provide original contributions on the major areas, issues, and figures in practical theology Reviews an extensive range of methods for studying theology in practice, along with sub-disciplines in theological education such as pastoral care and preaching Covers developments in the discipline in a range of global contexts and distinct Christian traditions Shows how practical theology is relevant to everyday life

Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family Author H. Elizabeth Peters
ISBN-10 9780231520027
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 448
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Family life has been radically transformed over the past three decades. Half of all households are unmarried, while only a quarter of all married households have kids. A third of the nation's births are to unwed mothers, and a third of America's married men earn less than their wives. With half of all women cohabitating before they turn thirty and gay and lesbian couples settling down with increasing visibility, there couldn't be a better time for a book that tracks new conceptions of marriage and family as they are being formed. The editors of this volume explore the motivation to marry and the role of matrimony in a diverse group of men and women. They compare empirical data from several emerging family types (single, co-parent, gay and lesbian, among others) to studies of traditional nuclear families, and they consider the effect of public policy and recent economic developments on the practice of marriage and the stabilization& mdash;or destabilization& mdash;of family. Approaching this topic from a variety of perspectives, including historical, cross-cultural, gendered, demographic, socio-biological, and social-psychological viewpoints, the editors highlight the complexity of the modern American family and the growing indeterminacy of its boundaries. Refusing to adhere to any one position, the editors provide an unbiased account of contemporary marriage and family.

Mono die Lust auf Treue

Mono   die Lust auf Treue Author Markus Spieker
ISBN-10 9783426408742
Release 2011-02-15
Pages 256
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Sie sind zwischen dreißig und vierzig, gut ausgebildet, gut informiert, gut vernetzt: tagsüber ist Business, nachts wird gelebt – zwischen Chrom und Glas, in Lounges, in Clubs und in Internetforen. Doch diese Unabhängigkeit ist ein flüchtiges Glück. Denn jeder sehnt sich nach einer dauerhaften Partnerschaft. Jeder sehnt sich nach Treue. Aber die ist selten geworden ... »Ich schreibe über das zentrale Problem meiner Altersgruppe«, verspricht Markus Spieker und fragt: »Sind wir beziehungsunfähig?« Der bekannte TV-Journalist berichtet vom Lebensgefühl einer Generation, deren Leben in Short-cuts abläuft und deren Sehnsucht nur ein Ziel kennt: Endlich den Partner fürs Leben finden.

Love and War

Love and War Author Tom Digby
ISBN-10 9780231538404
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 240
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Love and War has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Love and War also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Love and War book for free.

The Federal Statistical System Its Vulnerability Matters More Than You Think

The Federal Statistical System  Its Vulnerability Matters More Than You Think Author Kenneth Prewitt
ISBN-10 9781412992589
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 240
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How do federal statistics strengthen our nation’s science as well as its policy? In this latest volume of The ANNALS, leading academics, along with key federal officials, including the president’s science advisor, the chief statistician of the U.S., the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the presidents of the National Academies, and the director of the Census Bureau address the argument that the statistics that the federal statistical system produces should be understood as constituting a scientific infrastructure for the empirical social sciences. Further, they see the current federal statistical system as “the best hope for bringing strong science to bear on new data sources” and “the best place to navigate unforeseen challenges in preserving the independence of statistical information from political interference.” If federal statistics are the knowledge base from which policy problems and solutions emerge, it is imperative that we pay attention to the lessons they offer. Never before has this topic received this level of attention from such an array of contributors. A must read for all social scientists and policy-makers.